Devin Nerenberg

"High Performance Coach. Achieved #1 Ranking in USTA Norcal Men’s Open Singles. Hitting partner for top ATP and WTA players."

Devin has traveled around the globe, coached some of the nation’s elite players, and worked with top ATP and WTA players on tour. A California native, Devin was a top junior player before competing at UC Santa Barbara and later, UC Santa Cruz. After achieving Northern California’s number one ranking spot and a brief stint in professional tennis, Devin shifted his focus to coaching and player development. Since then, he has worked with players of all ages and levels, ranging from beginners to ATP and WTA players ranked within the top ten in the world.

Devin prides himself on his people and communication skills, and his ability to “simplify” the game of tennis to his audience. His focus is to be clear, concise, and transparent as he helps break down the sport for players, regardless of their level. Devin considers himself an open-minded tennis coach, and adopts the mindset that tennis is not a sport where “one size fits all.” He understands that the game is highly situational and focuses heavily on each player as a unique individual, catering to his or her specific needs.

Devin’s has an immense drive for competition, which is in accordance with his values of discipline, persistence and sportsmanship. He appreciates the challenges and lessons that tennis presents, and constantly looks to grow both on and off the court.

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Devin Nerenberg