Why Attend a Tennis Congress?

Train like the pros on all aspects of tennis

High performance juniors and professionals don’t just work on their technique on court, so why should adults? In addition to getting top-notch training on specific technique priorities, you’ll learn game-changing information about strategy and tactics (singles and/or doubles), footwork and movement, fitness conditioning for improved on-court performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation, nutrition, as well as the all-important “mental game.”

Get cutting edge education from world-class pros

Each Tennis Congress assembles an extraordinary group of outstanding pros from around the world—each with distinctive expertise and insights. On average, each participant has a chance to work with about a dozen top pros during the weekend.

Customize your own program and focus on what you need

The Tennis Congress gives you tons of options to tailor your education to what you want to focus on most. When you register, we’ll ask you for details about your current level and goals, what you’re particularly focused on improving now, where you may be hitting walls, and other questions to help us understand your background priorities. Your answers will directly influence the curriculum and determine which classes ultimately get offered. The pros on the faculty will also use your feedback to design sessions that address your specific interests, questions and challenges. About 2 months before the Congress, we’ll contact you to ask if either your level or priorities have changed since registration. We’ll then match you up with the right pros for on-court sessions and recommend particular off-court workshops (although you can choose which ones you want to attend). Each class will give you practical “Key Takeaways” to help you retain priority lessons and tips, along with recommended follow-up drills or exercises to help you build on what you’ve learned.

Build your capacity to boost the effectiveness of your training at home

The unprecedented format of the Tennis Congress combines world-class pros + specialized classes (both on-court and off) + customization tailored to your needs… all of which will help you get results faster. Classes are designed to generate practical “Key Takeaways” to help you retain priority lessons and tips, along with recommended follow-up drills or exercises to help you build on what you’ve learned. Importantly, the approach will empower you with capacity-building skills so you can efficiently build on what you learn and train smarter when you return home in your practices and any private lessons, clinics, and camps you attend.

Make an impact on the tennis industry

The Tennis Congress brings together some of the tennis world’s best minds plus some of the most avid, committed, passionate adult players on earth. Once you participate in a Congress, you’re part of a community that is helping to influence the future of adult tennis player development worldwide.

Get inspired and have a great time!

Get inspired by fellow players and pros who share your passion and drive, work hard in classes—then play hard in the evening!


When can I register for the next Tennis Congress event?

To receive a pre-public invitation to register for future events, enter your email in the box at the bottom of this page (“Sign Up for Advance Notice on Registration”) and you will have the best chance to secure a spot.

Who is the Tennis Congress for?

The Tennis Congress is designed for adult players who are passionate about learning and serious about achieving their personal best. The 2016 Tennis Congress event is designed for Low Intermediate to Advanced and High Performance players (NTRP 3.0-5.0+ / ITN 7-3). If you don’t know rating, see the NTRP or ITN descriptions and take this quiz.

I'm not advanced enough to attend but want to train hard - what should I do?

If you are a beginner or advanced beginner who’s getting serious about tennis, we recommend you attend one of the Top 25 Tennis Camps listed here and sign up to receive advance notice (bottom left of this page) to get notified for future Congress events that specialize in training players newer to tennis. 

Do you offer scholarships for those who can't afford to attend?

Yes. We award several partial and full scholarships each year through a competitive application process. Please click here for details and application.

What is the minimum age for participation?

21 years old.

Can my non-playing spouse, partner or friend join me?

Yes – The Hilton El Conquistador and surrounding area offer a beautiful setting to relax while you’re attending classes. Our negotiated special rate with the Hilton is for up to two people per room with no additional charge. After you register you will be able to reserve a spot for a guest at any or all of the Congress dinner/social events.





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