🇺🇸 Alex Ramirez

By 01/26/2018

Alex is the founder and president of ProTenn International. ProTenn was founded in 1998 as a tennis academy and has grown into a company that not only trains and develops players but also offers its clients financial services, video analysis software and services and is now venturing into the online media business and sponsorship of professional tennis players.

Alex’s system of training along with his team of experts is truly a world class combination. Players come from all over the country–many from Mexico, Canada and Europe– to train part-time and full-time in the program.

Alex competed as a junior, played collegiate tennis and competed as a professional before focusing his efforts to the development of players. His system has developed local, sectional, national and international champions. Alex has worked with many world class tennis players as a consultant to the head coach, as an assistant coach overseeing stroke development and as a video analysis expert on stroke production and match strategy analysis. Currently he is coaching full time on the women’s tour and consulting on the men’s tour.