🇺🇸 Matt Previdi

By 01/26/2018

Matt is a private and traveling high performance coach in La Jolla California, where he has led the La Jolla High men’s tennis team to an 85-11 record over the past 6 years. In 2011 the USPTA named him “Pro of the Year” in San Diego. Since then, Matt has helped his Father Bill pioneer “The Previdi System”– a doubles system geared towards adults who want to master the art of doubles.

Matt’s enthusiasm for tennis equipment knows no bounds. His background as a sought-after coach of all levels led him on a journey to better understand what the pros on tour know: that your equipment and how it is pieced together may be equally as important to your game (and your health) as technique, fitness and strategy/decision making.

Matt currently serves as the resident equipment expert for Solinco. His quest for equipment enlightenment has led him to take the Solinco stringing team to events such as the Easter Bowl, the Ojai, and the 2011 Fed Cup where Matt was the stringer for the Championship Team from Italy. His love of customization and modern string theory has led him to string for Rafael Nadal and lead seminars for the USPTA.

Matt’s goal is to take the knowledge that Pro players receive on the tour from top stringers and customizers and disseminate it to the general public and people who play for fun!